Sportsman Chic: Vintage Cricket Bags

After Porter encountered some scary numbers on TurboTax last night, I dispatched myself to the upscale bodega down the street to pick up some cookies to calm her fragile nerves. It's always dangerous to buy junk food in Williamsburg given all the vegetarians lurking about and this was no exception. While the man in front of me stuffed his hemp tote full of lettuce and explained the virtues of wasabi edamame vs. the evils of wasabi peas to his partner, I reveled in the fact that the chocolate chip cookies I was planning to purchase were, in fact, organic. Baby steps. So, if I were to ever take a similar baby step over to the world of yoga, I'd be forced to carry my mat in one of these. You don't see many monogrammed hides associated with new age sport, but I think that should change. Monogrammed hides should be associated with everything! Current bids for this beauty sit at GBP36 on British ebay.


  1. Very scary numbers indeed.

  2. your blog is fantastic! i'm so glad i've found you guys! (thanks to cookie) xo joanna