Naturalist Chic: Ryan McLennan

After four years at Washington & Lee, it took me a move to Brooklyn to meet droves of Virginians. You'd imagine VCU runs a shuttle bus between Williamsburg (BK, not Colonial) and campus. Well, artist Ryan McLennan decided against the pilgrimage and is helping keep the artistic wealth in Richmond. But this weekend, he takes his naturalist aesthetic West. A solo show of his recent works, "From Fur to Bone," opens this Saturday at Kinsey/DesForge gallery in Culver City, L.A. 

(All images © Ryan McLennan)


  1. Ah ha! W&L! My father wanted me to go and be a KA. A close second. After four years at a boy's school, I decided on co-education. Who knew that would be the year that W&L admitted women?

    All the best from The Commonwealth.