The only thing more aesthetically pleasing than than early 20th century fashion is early 20th century fashion gone tiny! The Hovey sisters are taking their love of small-scale natural fibers and classic design to the street this summer. We'll be setting up (temporary) shop on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg to sell these adorable ditties (including small versions of the leather collars) every Saturday starting in June. We've set up a blog to offer you a preview -- and a look at the things that inspired us when we were little. (Editorial Note: I have witnesses who have seen the new collars, I just have been a bit slow to photograph. They'll be up and for sale soon!).


  1. Congratulations and best of luck on your new venture. The blog is loads of fun! Kind of like looking through a virtual scrapbook.

  2. HOBAC says:

    Looks fantastic! You should be the creative director at RL. They would be lucky to have you.