Nostalgic Family Music: Charlie Louvin Sings for Ira

Turn away from the screen! Or close your eyes and take in the sweet, ernest, aching meloncholy of Charlie Louvin singing an homage to his brother, the wonderful mandolin-playing tenor, Ira who died in a car crash in '65. These brothers, born the Loudermilks, came to fame on the Alabama radio in the '40s and later on the Grand Ole Opry. Religious minded boys, they sang of god and their mother, but like so many of the other gospel bands of the day, cheatin', beatin' and murderin' made their way in, too. Gram Parsons covered them on the semial "Cosmic American Music" masterpiece, Sweetheart of the Rodeo and the Everly Brothers picked up their whole close harmonizing style. I'd love to compare them to anyone today, but no one's this good. Charlie issued a CD of the brothers' songs last year and it included this new one, my favorite tune of '07.