More Linda Horn Shopping: Portrait of a Gentleman

What a dapper gent! It seems rare to see a man of this era in a brown coat - and I love it. He reminds me a bit of the actor John Cullum. He's on sale at Linda Horn for $985. (Note: Please click to see Linda's incomparable safari photos! I've requested some larger versions to share directly on the blog. She made the trip in perfect Karen Blixen grandeur).


  1. I just spent way too much time going through the antiques. Thanks for that link!
    (My husband is South African and we're going there this Christmas. How I'd love to lug a white tent around with us...:))

  2. I know! She must have spent ages picking out linen shirts and khaki pants. And everything looks better next to a Land Rover. I'm so jealous of your xmas adventure! Have a wonderful time.