Local Bespoke Equestrian Excellence: E. Vogel

During the early part of my childhood in KC, one of the mothers always picked her kids from school decked in full tennis regalia. My mother consistently rolled her eyes at this (which came with no evidence of actual physicial exertion), saying it was an excuse to wear a short skirt. As the years passed, the little pleated skirt and white sleeveless polo were traded for riding pants, riding boots and the full equestrian nine yards. So, when I obsessively post about Argentinian polo suppliers, I'm suggesting that, off the field, the commoner pick one piece per outfit: a piece like these stunning E. Vogel summertime Newmarket Field Boots. This little SoHo shop - which sits just right down the street from the fabulously hip Opening Ceremony - has been curning out custom boots since 1879. Prices for the boots hover around $1,000, but the field boots start at $745. Not cheap, but you don't even have to go to Argentina to pick them up! (Editorial note: I promise to go at least a week before putting another equestrian boot near this blog!)