Les Objets de Printemps

No matter how impractical, I shed socks and switched to iced coffee (triple espresso on ice) last week. The cold winds are still blowin', but Easter is behind us and it's officially time to embrace spring. These items certainly put me in the mood:

• A papier-mâché sea gull, a gift Porter picked up for me at Mine on Grand Street.
• Exotic flowers. More great picks from Sprout Home this week include a peony tulip - which might be better than either alone, a protea (the one with the antennas) and a ranunculus.
• Wicker and chrome table accessories!
• Vintage, real feather shuttlecocks (available all over ebay)...and old rackets (yes, this is a tennis racket, not badminton. Porter found it in the trash on Driggs).
• The chickens may monopolize breakfast and Easter, but the ostriches win the tchotchke war.
• Tocca's Kyoto candle. I'm a candle obsessive. Oh, if I ever added up how much I've spent on wax, I'd realize that I could've put a few kids through Harvard. But poof, all that dough has, literally, gone up in smoke. No matter how many I try - and even love - I always come back to Tocca. Kyoto smells of the tart apricot aroma of the Kinmokusei, a plant that surrounds the Buddhist temples of the candle's eponymous city.
• My parents' Limoges wedding China. I did a terrible job of capturing this properly in the photo, but the tasteful parents struck gold with their china pattern. Little birds, bugs and butterflies crawl all over the white basket weave porcelain. It's perfect for a picnic.


  1. holy shit. my parents had the same china.

    quel surprise!