Lachlan Immortalized -- For the Second Time

Realist artist and surfer Thomas Shelford has immortalized Lachlan (my taxidermied sheep's head) for, what I suppose is, the second time. While sketching, he kept trying to reinforce how well boxing out the space works in drawing and I kept pointing out how much I enjoy dedicating all my initial energy on the right eyeball. Sadly, he - and all my art professors - are right. Oh, and yes, Porter and I have named all of our taxidermy. Besides Lachlan, there's Denver the 10-point buck (shot in Colorado Springs, but that wasn't a very good name); Michael Gregory, another deer (named after aspiring film maker and Italian studies student, Michael Gregory); Pigeon, the pheasant; Anton, the springbok; and Achebe, the African antelope (named after famed Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe).


  1. It was a pleasure to pay homage to Lachlan's noble visage and lofty gaze. And the hospitality was inspired! It was hard to leave the treasure trove of Teddy Roosevelt safari chic. Can't wait to visit again.

  2. Gorgeous. You don't visit Colorado Springs, too, do you?