Hometown Pride: Shatto Milk Company

One of my friends held a particularly negative feeling towards one of our college classmates. The recipient of the bad vibes was a sporty gal, one of those good, happy people who generally rubbed everyone the right way. "Why don't you like her?" "She's the kind of person who drinks milk with dinner." Ok. Good point. As a person who reserves her calcium consumption for coffee and cheese, I do understand. But milk, wholesome as it is, has developed a sexier reputation of late. Ronnybrook Dairy has moved into its chic new digs in Chelsea Market and the just-outside Kansas City Shatto Milk Company has some absolutely excellent packaging. Bottles like these could be why milkmen developed their dubious paternal reputation!


  1. Reggie says:

    Ms. Hovey:
    OK, you have the best blog hands down. Smart, stylish, retro, moderne and funny. Think you'd like some of the shps in Hudson, NY -- might be right up your alley.

  2. Reggie, thank you so much for your kind words! I love Hudson. My sister went to college at Bard, so we spent many a weekend up in those parts. In fact, there was one store I liked quite a bit - it even had taxidermy. But looking around I noticed the most peculiar potted plants. On closer inspection, they were potted plastic genitals surrounded in foliage!

  3. ethandesu says:

    Great blog, Ms Hovey, and I am flattered to be considered a Sartorial Soulmate. I'm looking forward to exploring more of your posts! I am from Herringbone, as Aussie company, so if you ever make it out to Sydney, let me know, I'd be happy to show you my haunts!

  4. Oh, Hollister - you know what, it's so much colder, too. If I could only remember to take the bottles back to the store.