The Gruesome History of Barbers According to Aidan Gill

Speaking of travels (my previous post), Porter and I had an unfortunate domestic adventure in NOLA the summer before Katrina. We jumped on a cable car, expecting to see a few nice homes and then head to Magazine Street for antiques shopping. Well, our cable car conductor never stopped that train, nor did he make announcements. We travelled far. So far, that I think we may have nearly made it to Texas. So, six hours (yes, six) later, in the June Louisiana heat, we crawled onto Magazine Street in a state of disarray unseen since the stone age. Of course, we head directly to the grooming capital of New Orleans, Aidan Gill for Men, to pick up a bowtie for our dad and let the well-washed staff (including Mr. Gill) gawk at us animals. This video is jammed with juicy, gruesome tidbits.  I'll never look at a barber pole the same way again.