Fincher Takes on Fitzgerald, Curious Buttons

F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1922 tale of the reverse-aging Benjamin Button tracks this "Baby" Button from his early days as a bearded 70 year old exploding from the crib in antebellum Baltimore and follows him forward through history towards his youth. My favorite parts: The elder Mr. Button's Yaley nickname: "Cuff" and the following passage:

Mr. Button discovered one day that during the preceding week he had smoked more cigars than ever before - a phenomenon, which was explained a few days later when, entering the nursery unexpectedly, he found the room full of faint blue haze and Benjamin, with a guilty expression on his face, trying to conceal the butt of a dark Havana.

David Fincher has turned this little tale into a movie with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, but scooted up the timeline by a lifetime to start in 1919. Why, why do we need to make room for the modern bits? Mr. Fincher and crew do seem to know what they're doing, though, so I'll trust them to make it grand (and perhaps that will actually offer more time for the war years). I do like that Vespa. There's hope yet.

You can (and should!) read Fitzy's original story here. The movie comes out in December, just in time for Oscar nods.


  1. Meredith says:

    Wow, I love this story! Fitzy's short stories are some of my favorites. I had no idea they were turning it into a film -- can't wait to see it.

  2. I'm curious to see it as well, since it was filmed up and down the street from my apartment in the French Quarter.