Ebay Shopping: Art Deco Bakelite Cigarette Holder

A couple years ago, my grandmother kindly opened up her amazing Park Ave. apartment to the New York-based grandkids and allowed us to throw a very stylish cocktail party.  Coming from a pre-smoking ban generation, she insisted that the guests just have their ciggies inside (quite scary for all of us who are from the smoking ban generation) and she even went so far as to pass around her vintage cigarette holders. The lovely Caitlin Kendal Marshall Adkins made the most of the offer. If you're going to smoke, you may as well do it in style. (Separate facts of note: 1. This shot was taken in one of the three sitting rooms.  Note the amazing padded fabric walls and the great Indian elephant pillow; 2. Caitlin designed that terrific dress; 3. After chatting, Caitlin and my grandma discovered that they attended the same day school in Seattle).

This orange and amber colored bakelike version is up for auction for the next few hours on ebay with the current top bid at $44.99.


  1. Caitlin says:

    Oh H that is very sweet of you. That party was great! though I may or may not have fallen on my face in front of Bard Hall on my way home. Toooo many drinkies.

  2. Sounds very fun and reminds me of something out of Metropolitan! Think she'd let you do it again?

  3. We keep Mrs. E.'s grandmother's carved ivory holder next to the silver cigarette box and the pipe stands in the living room. It always provokes a comment. (Most recently: "What is this....?" As Mr. Porter wrote: "Time's have changed...")

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