An Easter Stroll Through Williamsburg...

Porter, wearing her new touched up bob and Rugby cricket jacket, and I took the bike out for a little Easter stroll through the 'burg and found some scare beauty in this architectural wasteland (I love my hood dearly, but it's what's inside the buildings that counts. The exteriors should make an aesthete weep). This old Volvo has those wildly uncomfortable looking flat springy back seats that appear more fitting for a beach chair than an automobile (but look great). The Marlow & Sons coffee cups are the best-designed in the area, as is the celadon fence outside the Williamsbugh Savings Bank on Broadway.

Along our walk, we were extremely delighted to see that South Williamsburg will also be home to another beautiful vintage interior very soon. The owners of now shuttered The Read are opening up a bakery-coffee shop-cafe - The Rabbit Hole - in larger digs at 352 Bedford (between South 3rd and South 4th) as fast as they can finish the renovations. From what we saw, it will be decked in perfectly sourced architectural salvage-style fixtures and a beautiful garden. (Editorial note: Taavo Somer, please open a Freeman's Outpost in the portion of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank at the corner of Bedford and Broadway. You'd barely have to do a thing).


  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn't even see that little graffiti guy in the background!! Fantastic!!

  2. OH man thats a volvo S 122, I tried to buy one in High School but my mean parents stopped me!
    I STILL want one. Something to dream about.
    Porter looks lovely as always.

  3. would've been perfect for you! Tell them you need it still! How lovely would that be for rides up the Taconic?

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