Dispatch from San Francisco: Paxton Gate

When you live in an area with perfect weather, it's just not enough to see the beauty in a simple picked flower. The San Franciscans seem to like their bouquets with a healthy dose of Darwinism. Paxton Gate takes the naturalist aesthetic displayed at Floréal up a couple notches with a full selection of kingdoms, phylums, classes, orders and species. Founded as a gardening store with a "hint of the natural sciences," this spot in the The Mission soon evolved into a full on curiosity shop. I know someone who'd like to get that rug on her floor.

824 Valencia Street
San Francisco


  1. Ha! I think I am going to definitely ask my parent's to buy me one for my birthday. Unless some nice safari company owner has an extra one he wants to give me ;-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    We need a shop like this in NYC!