Creations: Housewarming Party Invite, 2006

Brides don't have all the fun. Men's Vogue reports that Barker Black creative director Derrick Miller decked himself in bespoke duds and velvet slippers with self-designed stag head embroidery for his big day of knot tying with interior designer Jennifer Vaughn. The couple also had the forethought to carry the stag theme further -- into their official sealing wax seal and the guestbook, which featured a stag head watercolor by the great Swede Mats Gustafson. That painting reminded me of one of my own from a few years back, designed to announce the celebration of our big move to Brooklyn.


  1. Anonymous says:

    holl, u make the best invitations!

  2. m says:

    i love your blog, and while i don't always love all the taxidermy, this is a really elegant invitation. did you paint it yourself, or have someone do it? (and if so, whom?)