Argentinian Shopping: Casa Fagliano

And they say women are mad for shoes. As Men's Vogue tells it:

In the 1980s, when Great Britain and Argentina were at war over the Falkland Islands, Prince Charles required some new polo boots, so he did what any horseman in need of the best equipment in the world would do—he called Casa Fagliano. Essentially off the books and untraceable, the order was a clear violation of the wartime embargo, but that's what Fagliano does to people. 

I too will surely fall under that spell when I'm in Buenos Aires this fall. My grandmother married into quite a wonderful polo story, which I'll tell in a bit...(it involves a Hitchcock and a Buchanan).


  1. Anonymous says:

    i love your bg. your changing the way i want to dress. i love those boots. i need to start looking on ebay for something like it