Acquisitions: RL Rugby Stag Head Velvet Tux Shoes

It was love at first sight. But when I first saw them at Rugby months ago, I told myself, "Hollister, how many pairs of men's tuxedo shoes does one gal need?" Well, the answer seems to be three. I already had an old pair of Cole Haan pumps with bows from middle school and Rugby's black skull versions from last year. But when I popped into the store last week and saw these confidence boosting (Age Quod Agis loosely means "Do well whatever you do") beauties staring back at me for 40% off, I had to make good on the instruction (in a moment of shopping, how better to do it well?). They also have wool plaid versions with silver skulls and a navy and burgundy stripe with gold skull on sale, as well.  


  1. ethandesu says:

    Ms Hovey, I am very happy to hear you say a girl needs three pairs, cause that justifies me to have at least 6! I have the Edward Green navy velvet slippers, and a pair of Church evening pumps with bows, and I love them both! If only they sold them in Sydney I wouldn't have to wait for my next trip to Tokyo to get another pair. I really think we are Sartorial kindred spirits!
    ethandesu, na!

  2. yeah moccasins are about right, i mean they work for either the hippie feel appeal spring can give or the sophisticated cool elegance of say Jean-Paul Belmondo in French new wave

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rugby Rules