Vintage Shopping Extravaganza: 10ft Single

Blue Lens Aviators

Brown's Bowling Sweater

WWII Parka, Military Belt

Shooting Shirt

Brunch at DuMont...a spending binge at 10ft Single: a new Saturday tradition. This terrific Williamsburg vintage store has an entire back room dedicated mainly to items from the first half of the 20th c., with a few items trickling into the second (rocker Ts, leather jackets). They stock the '80s polyester frocks that jam the racks at almost every overpriced thrift store around, but you can avoid it completely if you stick to the back.  I've also picked up some men's Gucci horse bit loafers which will look good with short jeans for spring, a few belts, wool and cotton blend henleys and red laced hiking boots. Oh -- and Porter picked up her bomber jacket there, too! 

10ft Single
285 N 6th (almost under the BQE)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn


  1. dianamuse says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Look at this marvelous blog of yours. I'll have to send flowers (or something) to habitually chic for providing linkage. SO glad to have found you!

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