Update: Hotel Delmano * * * * *

Liz and I made our virgin visits to Williamsburg's newest vintage cocktail bar last night - and the photos (which are pretty impressive) don't do it justice.  Someone must have spent years sourcing all the components.  The owners managed to find even more beautiful under-the-counter refrigerators than they did for Union Pool.  The white marble bar really gives the whole main room a much brighter and...I guess delicate...glow than this photo suggests.  Between the patrons and the staff, these boys are helping keep mustache wax makers in business.  I think I counted 4 handlebar mustaches, many amazing pairs of glasses...and even my Russian Commie belt on one of the bartenders (he had a mustache, too).  We tried three drinks (many of each), finishing the night with the Commandant's Cocktail, a light fruity concoction with pear brandy and chartreuse.

Editorial Note: A running list of my Best-of New York picks for bars, restaurants, shopping, etc. will make it's debut as a sidebar feature later this week!  Hotel Delmano (rating: * * * * *) makes the list. 


  1. Unknown says:

    i still think they should call it the commandant's daughter...

  2. I think we should develop our own Commandant's Daughter. Perhaps rye with a fully intact sour Tasmanian cherry?!

  3. http://www.34-degrees.com/cherries.html