Prada Ruffle Bags

In what has been a generally banal Fall 2008 Fashion Week, Miuccia managed to inspire and look fresh, while bringing back dickies and lace in the process. Of course, the bags are beautiful, especially in this honey brown.


Speaking of brown leather, I was shocked to read Bill Cunningham's news flash that brown is the new black in men's footwear. Perhaps I've beem living in my little war-era bubble for too long, but honestly, when were brown shoes anathema? GQ recently highlighted the Barker Black two-tone spectator with a cuffed pant. That's a great vintage look to write headlines over. But brown shoes? That ain't news that's fit to print, Bill.


  1. Do you think we were separated at birth??? I thought I was the only girl who read GQ or wished I could wear Barker Black shoes. I wonder if they will ever create a line for women!

  2. Haha -- I'm beginning to think we might have been! I wish the Barker Black website was a little better -- god, what beatuful shoes. And Men's Vogue is probably my favorite magazine of all...they featured some great buck shot tie ups a few months back. The designer actually shot the leather with buck shots before crafting the toe. It was an incredible twist on the normally generic hole poking. I'll try to find! ( the family must whisper about me!) Honestly, it's mainly the quality of leather, fabrics and tailoring that make me adore men's fashion. If Barker Black could make a woman's line sexy enough (and I bet they could), it'd be incredible. Too often brands like John Lobb just turn out women's things meant for QEII on the frump scale.

  3. Oh, Men's Vogue is my real fav too! I have kept all my back issues. I love that they profile interesting and intelligent people and focus on great art and design not how to land a husband or lose weight like women's magazines.

    Too bad Barker Black didn't take advantage of the lace up women's shoe trend from last fall. Maybe we need to contact them!