Spec Shopping: Moscot

Went blind as a bat at age 12, but didn't realize it until I was 13. Just slowly forgot that it was normal to see individual bricks in those reddish buildings -- and that leaves on trees didn't always form a big green blob. However, finding great specs has been a battle given my exceptionally large head. To put this in perspective, I spent the weekend in Chicago trying on fedora hats (very, very ready for spring) which all (even an XL men's Etro version) fit me like yarmulke. So, I'm heading to Moscot on the Lower East Side this week to try on the following. Fingers firmly crossed that size 48/22 (have no idea what that means) spans the bridge.

The Miltzen: The round, full-view shape, eponymously named after a family uncle, is clean, smart and fastidious. Introduced in the 1930s, the frame with the longest lineage is sleek and understated just like the powerful outsiders who’ve made the frames famous – think Andy Warhol, John Lennon, Harry Truman and Gandhi, to name a few.

The Nebb: The chunky, rectangular Henry Kissinger-esque style frame is raw, aggressive and in your face – just like a real New Yorker. (Light tortoise, above; flesh, below)

Update: Refinery29 reports that Earnest Sewn, the premium denim purveyor, is devoting its Back Room space to the patriarchal eyewear company MOSCOT this April. The new installment will launch the two brands' collaborative collection of co-branded Buffalo Horn MOSCOT Lemtosh frame specs.

Update 2: As anticipated, they're way too small for the ole mug.  Heart has sunk to my toes with disappointment. 


  1. Caitlin Adkins says:

    Hi Holly. I'm stalking you on your blog. Have you looked at Cutler and Gross for frames and shades? They are wonderful and amazing.
    (I do have some sunglasses by them that I love).

  2. I adore Cutler & Gross! My friend Lora used to work for them in London. Another friend gave me a pair of their leather aviators. All such beautiful stuff -- and sized for the watermelon-headed. Send more suggestion, C! You have the best taste.