My Open Love Letter to Men's Vogue

There is no better magazine -- bible -- out there than Men's Vogue. It drips rich leather, bespoke tailoring and intellect. I practically chew off my hand in anticipation of each month's new issue (which, when it was starting was a little dangerous given the months and months and months of tantric publishing torture they laid on me). This spread tells the whole story. You have everything you'd ever need: tweeds, one very nice pair of spectacles, wools, Wellingtons and a whole lot of well-bred Welshmen...and an accompanying article by my favorite Londoner, A.A. Gill. It's a good read. (Editorial note: If anyone at Men's Vogue comes across this post and wants to date me or employ me, just drop me a line and I'm yours).


  1. I hope they have a friend for me!

  2. Polly says:

    You are reading my mind. I loved Daniel Day-Lewis (ignoring his Oscar look - la la la!)in last month's.

  3. I'll crack the spine n my copy this afternoon. Isn't this the second feature they've done on hunting related togs? Looking forward to reading A.A. Gill, though. I used to buy British GQ just for his stuff.

  4. This one is actually from ages ago...I'd started a painting based on the first image (centering on the guy in the glasses sitting on the hunting stick), but the ADD struck and I never completed it. Came across the spread in the midst of googling AA Gill and found it too great to avoid posting.

  5. And the writing is always better in men's magazines, too. Always. And sometimes it's the same writers.

  6. What gorgeous photos. I love the lantern with the horse in the back. Dreamy.

  7. I so agree with you, it is the best. And Mrs. Blandings is right, the writing is better!!