My Dad, The Hat Man

My dad seemed to spend a good portion of the '70s in a hat.  He generally lost this affectation by the time Porter and I came into the picture, except when he'd garden.  For years, he insisted on mowing our front yard in a pith helmet.  A machete was also often involved.  A very dramatic display on a very busy street in the Kansas City suburbs.  He claimed to have picked up a lot of the eccentricities on his travels -- he spent a couple years running a gold mine in Bolivia (and proudly tells tales of his beer-loving monkeys to anyone who will listen), lived on an Afrikaner farm in South Africa and took a boat load of cattle to the Philippines before heading back to life in New York.   


  1. brady vest says:

    just randomly reading your blog through a smith and mills google search and read that you are from kansas city. just wanted to say hello and that we are enjoying your blog.
    brady and lindsay/ hammerpress
    kansas city mo