Marvelous Marni: The Hats! The Gloves! The Glasses!

A while back one of the fashion magazines ran a great editorial penned by a heterosexual man that included an anecdote that went something like, "A woman sat next to man at a fashion show and went on about how much she loves Marni. 'It's a good thing you're married, then,' the man replied." In the past the clothes have veered towards art more than sex appeal, but this season there are cinched waists and sexy heels...and per usual, simply incredible accessories. Consuelo Castiglioni has created my favorite collection of Fall 2008 (and if you look at the whole thing, you'll see that it's actually dripping with color). The top look reminds me of Jane March in L'Amant (see that -- I managed to compare Marni to a highly erotic film! Amazing).


  1. I love Marni necklaces but I don't think I'm suited for the clothing. But it's still fun to look!