THE LIST Makes its Debut!

Guide books may tell you what food tastes good, but it's a battle to really find a place that will fit your mood -- and supply you with the proper genre of patrons (which, let's face it, is vital to a good dining or drinking (pick up) experience).

Guide books should be organized by aesthetic category to help everyone stay within their little cliques and only venture outside them if they're in the proper mood. A visiting preppy will want to know about J.G. Melon, P.J Clarke's and Bar Martignetti just as much as I want to know about Freeman's and Marlow + Sons, the joints where the male patrons and staff cover themselves in facial hair and thick rimmed glasses as much as the owners have covered the walls in black paint, wood and taxidermy.

So, I've culled together a list of my new-but-looks-old-in-the-most-authentic-sense haunts (on the right hand sidebar). Please send along suggestions of anything you think should be included -- especially outside of New York, too! THE LIST of stores and spas, coming soon!


  1. ooh nice list. I'll be visiting in May. Perhaps I'll try one of your recommends.