The HHH Valentine's Day Shopping Guide

For Her: Christian Louboutin's Python Pump, $1,020. A fiery red sole to touch her soul...and heat up his loins!

For Him: A Hot Towel, Straight Razor Shave at Freeman's Sporting Club, $35. I love how I suggest a $1,020 fetish object for the woman and a $35 gesture for the guy. Not exactly fair, but it's a skewed holiday afterall.

For the Couple: A Belle Epoque, two spout Absinthe fountain, $185...of course you'll need the Absinthe, the spoons, the glasses and the sugar cubes, as well.

For the adventurer in love: Osa Johnson's homage to the loves of her life -- Martin Johnson and her travels. Available on Ebay for prices ranging from about $40-$300 for first editions.


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