Dispatch from Marrakech: "Like The Darjeeling Limited with Fewer Turbans and No Train"

Porter and Christopher landed safely from their Moroccan adventure last night and report that they had a lovely time after some initial troubles. It turns out that travelling through Marrakech as a blonde is no problem -- for the blonde. Within the first few hours: a small man threw his monkey on Christopher's back, a pack of ladies wielding syringes of henna attacked and a band of wild children grabbed to his clothes and wouldn't let go. Tensions eased as the hours passed and the only roadblocks standing in their way from perfect happiness were the lack of a good bar culture and classy souveniers priced for plebes (turns out, the decent things and the nice meals are priced for princes and theives!). More photos to come!

Their first hotel: Riad Lotus Ambre.

The famous jodhpurs!