Destinations: La Martina, Buenos Aires

My aunt struggled to shop well in South Africa; Porter and Christopher spent hours in Marrakech's Medina looking for decent souveniers. Both came back with lovely things, but it didn't come easy. Very accustomed to Western travellers, the Afrikaners thankfully pickled their guests with booze every two to three hours: see a rhino, wash back the vision with a G&T. But Porter and Chirstopher retreated to their hotel roof each evening to solitarily down wine while the natives prayed, never able to sidle up to a bar or a Frenchman as they'd so hoped. That said, the shopping and imbibing and sidling will have to come easy on the next Hovey adventure.

So...we're headed to Buenos Aires!

One of our first stops will be La Martina, the 100 year-old supplier to Argentina's polo teams. I'll hopefully be coming back with one of those great bags...and maybe some leather knee pads (practical, schmactical -- they're beautiful).


  1. Anonymous says:

    Are those the bags? I sell vintage bags on ebay with my twin sister in Portland, OR and have become quite obsessed with beautiful leather with an antiquarian appeal,i saw on you myspace that you are designing leather goods, what a dream. Anyways, that is enough of stalker girl, I ran across pics of you and your sis on Patricia's blog and really wish to god my sister would exploit our filial relationship to achieve glamorous and humurous ends but she is quite a prig sometimes

  2. Decorno says:

    I love La Martina! I had the best time in Buenos Aires last May. The BEST shopping. You can live like a king there for next to nothing. The food was also amazing.

    How exciting for you. I hope you make a stop at the San Telmo flea market. I found amazing things there.

    Also, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, just an hour away by speed ferry, is not to be missed.

    So jealous. Have fun!