Aesthetic Perfection: Brideshead Revisited Revisited

Aesthetic perfection in mini-series form in 1981 (see above)...aesthetic perfection yet again in 2008. Vanity Fair lifts the curtains on a British star studded (Emma Thompson, Michael Gambon, Matthew Goode) film version remake of Evenlyn Waugh's 1945 classic nostalgic aristocracy fest in its March Hollywood Issue. Michael Roberts shoots the wildly well-costumed cast amidst the ivy at Oxford's Magdalen College.

They're back. Like cutout dolls from the most sumptuous picture book ever produced, they are about to unfold before us yet again: the beautiully doomed Sebastian and his teddy bear, Aloysius; Charles Ryder, the dry stick drawn first to the doomed beauty of Sebastian, then to the forbidden snows of Sebastian's sister Julia; Sebastian and Julia's mother, Lady Marchmain, the high priestess of propriety so cruelly regarded by Sebastianand her estranged husband, Lord Marchmain, as a vampiress. And let's not forget dear old dusty Nanny Hawkins, forever up in her room listening to the wireless. - James Wolcott, Vanity Fair, March 2008


  1. Unknown says:

    Asking a woman of your prowess this question, I would surely expect a matter-of-fact "Pschyeah" as an answer, but you have seen Gosford Park and Bright Young Things, right? Both are irreplaceable, polar opposite films for any old fogey with a particular attachment to that charmingly delusional period before WWII. That, and Bright Young Things also draws it's story from an Evelyn Waugh book, of course.