Safari Chic: Vogue Deutsch's Africa Appeal by Koto Bolofo

Here comes the bride!  I think I've found my ideal veil/hat combo for the big day (years and years away).  Might be a bit much to ride in on a giraffe, but I'll keep it as an option. 

I spent last night home, sifting through the resort collections and almost fell asleep with lack of inspiration -- and discovered that I honestly like about 4 different styles in the entire history of fashion -- and I only really like them in white, black, tan and brown. My god, I really love beige (hey now, that giraffe fits the bill).  So, I was delighted to crack open the February German Vogue to discover this Irving Penn-inspired homage to my favorite color scheme.  (Note: I've always been a little less dull with accessories.  "Buy the basics, spend your money on shoes and bags," my mom always said.)  The excellent Koto Bolofo (whom I'll go on about in my next post) shot the spread.