Reciprocal Blogger Love: Either The Drapes Go or I Do

Porter's Bard classmate Patricia No has one of the best, most tasteful, beautiful blogs out there: Either the Drapes Go or I Do. She loves great glasses and classic literary references. All her choices embody a perfect hipster sensibility grounded in tradition. You must check it out (be sure to read about Patricia's imperial birthday -- what a life!). In a very flattering move, she's paid homage to the sisters Hovey! What an honor! She was very kind and picked some very flattering photos of us and our friends - photographer Brad Robotham, fashionista Liz Sapienza, stylist and world traveller Christopher Lopez Thomas, Print Magazine associate editor James Gaddy and Danish surf rockers Bjarke Bentsen & Rasmus Nybo .


  1. Rebecca says:

    I wanted to see Either the Drapes... but I'm not invited. I love your blog, and stole one of your pictures. See it at