The Big Rearrangement: The Wall of Men

Porter and I recently returned from a 22-hour half-cross country trip in a 15-foot UHaul filled with family antiques.  An epic trip to claim items languishing in storage, to put them in an apartment that needs no new furniture -- or so we thought.  We have ample space now that we've just consolidated and stacked.  We moved the industrial steel desk we found on North 6th Street for $20 under the Wall of Men and, by some miracle, fit the marble that we'd used as a dining room table top right in place -- perfectly.  The marble came from a family bar in Nebraska from around the turn of the century (the previous one).  We found the old gun cleaning sticks and the photo of the man at Architectural Salvage on our way out of KC.  The graffiti on the man's frame indicates that he must have been in a bar for the past few years getting lots of love from the ladies.  Photos of the newly claimed old furniture in the coming days.