Daytime Fashion Muse: Amelia Earhart

Of all the stylish women who emerged in the 20th century, Amelia Earhart fulfills my vision of aesthetic perfection like no one else. She seems to have shared my healthy respect for high quality leather and a tomboyish love of menswear-inspired cuts. Looks like Kansas may have been a greater source of style than many think -- Amelia and Osa Johnson both emerged from the wheat (as did Porter and I!).

My mom bought me a pair of Ralph Lauren jodhpurs when I was in 6th grade. I actually wore them to school a couple times until the backside seam tore apart precariously. I hope to find Porter a pair to wear on her camel rides through the Moroccan desert this February.

What a perfect leather trench. Aviator hats like that always seem to do wonders for showing off the ole bone structure. Even barely-emerging cheek bones take on new heights when shadowed by the side flaps.


  1. Rowena says:

    i luv these pictures of her and thought you seemed to find her very inspirational?
    anyway i thought i would tell you that i am related to her! don't really know why...

  2. Dicapria says:

    Check out Michael Pukac's art, if you like Amelia Earhart. There's a really cool one in the "air" series. here

    He's a los angeles based artist, and i hear he's doing a whole huge series of airborne type women in the next week or so.