19th c. Chic: Blackbird Parlour

Another blogger aptly called Blackbird Parlour a "hipster fishbowl." A much needed, aesthetically perfect, vintage, non-Asian addition to Bedford Avenue with great coffee and pastries. The set up is classic cafe. Two small suggestions: abandon the overly formal table service concept and keep the wireless access going at all times (they turn it off at night, in hopes of attracting a dinner crowd). It's a coffee shop, so let it be what it is. Those hipsters just want to be watched sitting under a tin ceiling sipping their java as they watch other hipsters walk by. Bedford Ave. & North 6th Street (right off the Bedford L stop).


  1. Anonymous says:

    you are a disturbed individual. it hurts me to know that people like you walk the earth amongst us. i think it would be best if you stopped what you are doing and just walk away....walk away.